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About us

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Pipe’s passion

Carlo Scotti was an enterprising tobacconist of the Ticino area, who in the early ‘900 discovered and started to cultivate with dedication the passion for tobacco and smoking tools. Thanks to this passion, his small tobacco shop reached quickly the popularity, and he decided to dedicate himself to the pipe’s world.
He was fascinated by the elegance expressed by this object that, in addition to its class, offer the most natural and healthy way to smoke.

Castello: a recognizable brand in the world

The continuous research for quality and perfection brought Carlo Scotti to acquire increasingly selected and demanding customers. The Carlo Scotti’s target market was Switzerland, a country populated by people who speak three languages. This is the reason why it was necessary to find an Italian word whose meaning could be understand in the French, German and English languages thanks to the similar phonetic. Thus was born the Castello brand, synonymous with quality, craftsmanship and experience gained over time that still continues to spread his message of passion and work under the direction of Savina, Carlo Scotti’s daughter and her husband Franco Coppo.

The essence of Castello’s pipes

The quality of wood, profound and warm, modelled on soft and clean line is able to satisfy sight, touch and taste. The fresh, delicate and at the same time fresh flavor of the fragrances invite you to enjoy moments of rest and relax.

A wide range of shapes and models

Classical, straight, curved, medium or large. Every smoker chooses the shape that most suits him as Castello selects only the best quality of raw materials for its pipes.

Castello’s Philosophy

The Castello’s philosophy focuses on an essential concept: to create a smoking tool that allows to enjoy every nuances of the chosen tobacco.