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Tennis | 2022 Christmas Pipe

A tribute to Italian tennis living a magical moment This pipe is part of the limited series of 100 pieces, produced in 2022 to celebrate the magical moment that Italian tennis is experiencing in the world. Just as the highly refined tennis racket, carved on the pipe’s ring to represent the symbol of the Italian…
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75th anniversary collection

1947 was the date that marked the beginning of the Castello tradition, a brand that has been able to carry into the future the artisan experience of its founder Carlo Scotti and his successor Franco Coppo, until today. Seventy-five years ago, the artisan laboratory of Castello was born with a very precise purpose: to run…
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Osso di Seppia | Christmas 2021

As the cuttlefish bone, worked by the uncontaminated wave of the sea, wants to express, in its simple flat shape, a natural rebirth, so this refined pipe wants to offer its owner a wise smoking philosophy, which slowly reveals its true nature. This pipe belongs to the collection “Osso di Seppia” produced in a limited…
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The Wood Festival 2021

From 12 to 21 November 2021 The Wood Festival returns to Cantù We are waiting for you in our laboratory to discover our “savoir faire” and the passion of our craftsmen who, with their hands, create unique handcrafted objects. Pipa Castello is a brand that continues to preserve the craftsmanship and creativity of our tradition…
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The Pipes, my daughters. Interview with Franco Coppo

The special issue of Oltre la Notizia is dedicated to the extraordinary story of the famous laboratory of Cantù, told by Irene Riva in the book “The Pipes, my daughters” and edited by Mariangela Tentori of Teka. An intimate and sincere story that delves into a world of extraordinary talent and passion. Each piece, unique…
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Pipes my daughters. Autobiography of Franco Coppo

An autobiography of Franco Coppo that tells the love and passion for Castello pipes. After 73 years, this elegant book written by Irene Riva is born, through the stories of the current director of this artisan workshop in Cantù, known throughout the world. An intimate and sincere story of Chino, the nickname that Carlo Scotti…
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The new limited edition collection by Castello No more than 60 pieces for this collection unique for its simple beauty. Regimental is a collection that unites people and reveals an international style. Its essential curves with slender lineaments, make it light and balanced but at the same time elegant and refined. Each piece is characterized…
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New collection 2020 This smoking pipe belongs to the 70-piece limited edition ”VIRUS”, produced in 2020 and distinguished by an artistic silver-infused ferrule with golden elements. A smoking pipe created by the wise hands of men – thus owning great beauty and perfection – allowing us not to ferget the strenght sustaining humanity in these…
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Look to the future

: in October 2020 in the Pipa Castello workshop we return to being together Today it is difficult to think about the future. It is difficult to imagine ourselves all together again in a place that tells us a long history of tradition and passion. However, we want to look ahead and we are already…
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Castello pipe. Excellence in the history of smoking tools

Saturday 11 April, an article dedicated to our Pipa Castello workshop, edited by the Cologni Foundation, was published in the magazine “The Ducker”, an online magazine dedicated to the most exclusive excellences At this link you can read the article