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Tennis | 2022 Christmas Pipe

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Tennis | 2022 Christmas Pipe

A tribute to Italian tennis living a magical moment

This pipe is part of the limited series of 100 pieces, produced in 2022 to celebrate the magical moment that Italian tennis is experiencing in the world.

Just as the highly refined tennis racket, carved on the pipe’s ring to represent the symbol of the Italian athletes’ hard work and dedication, is intended to commemorate this legendary and glorious moment, so is this sinuous example of “Castello”, the result of the skill and patient and meticulous dedication of the craftsmen who created it, intended to revive the emotion of intense moments of happiness, donated by its careful use.

In particular the names of Sinner, Berrettini and Musetti in the men’s and Trevisan in the women’s, capable of glorious feats and still with ample room for improvement. Up to Davis, which finally sees us as protagonists after the magical adventures of the 1970s of Panatta and company.

Created in all of Castello’s classic finishes, including the most beautiful marked ‘Fiammata’.

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