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Podcast Pipa Castello Collection

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Podcast “Pipa Castello Collection”

Why? A question that we should never stop asking ourselves. This question can give rise to great ideas dictated by curiosity, the desire to investigate, to stop and think for a moment.
And today, stop and look at this chapter of our lives, which does not show a great change, but a great challenge that each of us is called to take up.
A challenge to defend the essential values that for more than two hundred years have distinguished our humanity.

Precisely today, we ask ourselves “why”.
Why do we run out of time?
Why don’t we stop?
Why don’t we go beyond what our eyes see?
The pipe, this small and ancient object, brings with it a great story that is worth listening to.
Pipa Castello, a brand that has been able to preserve and at the same time spread its ideas, creativity, patience, manual skills, tradition mixed with evolution, today decides to share a long journey through its collections known, and yet to be known, all over the world.
So that curiosity, the love for beauty, the desire to preserve, to possess and admire art, may find its space, its time, its importance.
Because satisfying one’s own spirit could be the key to winning the challenge and preventing flattening, machines and digital evolution from taking our hearts away.
Collections “Pipa Castello” told by the Brand.