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"I lead an artisan workshop, not a factory" 
Carlo Scotti

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Pipa Castello: visual documentary film
on the creation of the pipe.

Castello Pipe since 1932. This visual documentary shows the creation of the Castello Pipe, obtained by a completely manual process, now unique in the world.
Franco Coppo

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Last News

A Castle-style barbecue before the 2023 vacation season

A barbecue organized in the workshop in true Castello style. Guests were in disbelief at the dexterity of Pipa Castello’s master artisans who are very good at creating pipes but[…]

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Tennis | 2022 Christmas Pipe

A tribute to Italian tennis living a magical moment This pipe is part of the limited series of 100 pieces, produced in 2022 to celebrate the magical moment that Italian[…]

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75th anniversary collection

1947 was the date that marked the beginning of the Castello tradition, a brand that has been able to carry into the future the artisan experience of its founder Carlo[…]

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Guarantee of Authenticity & Quality

All the Castello pipes are accompanied by a certificate that attests the authenticity and ensures that each piece
is handmade and checked according to the methods established by the founder, Carlo Scotti.
The quality of the raw materials and the absolute accuracy of each process guarantee the best smoked since the first use.