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This particular handcrafted gouged finishing was born in 1947. Carlo Scotti decided to propose it after being fascinated by the erosion of the rocks due to the passage of the waves.
Thanks to a wise and secret process, after several attempts, we are proud to present this evolving finishing that is called “Sea Rock Briar”, “Old Sea Rock” for the nuanced processing, “natural Vergin” for the natural finishing.



A type of finishing obtained by a long and painstaking work of abrasion on the surface of the briar, which, despite maintaining the natural porosity of the wood, makes it look bright and well smooth to the touch.
Collection, “Castello”, Trade Mark, are all the gradations that Castello uses for this shiny finishing that is available in four colors: natural, walnut, lead, red.



This classic sandblasted finishing was created to offer the expert smoker a light and fresh pipe that can become the perfect tool to smoke on any occasion. After several experiments and a period of study relating to the different compositions of the minerals used for the sandblasting, we reached the perfect balance between incision on the briar and exaltation of the wonderful designs offered by nature.
This particular finishing is called “Old Antiquari” and is achieved by a powerful jet of mixed air with corundum powder. It is available in four colors: black, walnut, natural, red.