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75th anniversary collection

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75th anniversary collection

1947 was the date that marked the beginning of the Castello tradition, a brand that has been able to carry into the future the artisan experience of its founder Carlo Scotti and his successor Franco Coppo, until today.

Seventy-five years ago, the artisan laboratory of Castello was born with a very precise purpose: to run a laboratory, not a factory. And still today, 75 years later, Castello pipes are produced by hand, with the same passion and tradition that represent them.

The 75th Pipe wants to celebrate this exclusivity. 75 pieces that represent an important date for the Italian laboratory known all over the world.

The details are refined and unobtainable. Like the mouthpiece, made of mother-of-pearl plexiglass. An effect born in the ’70s but now out of production. An unobtainable finish that will leave its mark with this particular collection of pipes that will honor the 75th year of Castello.

Each piece of this collection will be unique, different from the others, with different shapes, carvings, characteristics and finishes. This is to emphasize the uniqueness of these artworks that are still created by the skilled historical artisans of the laboratory together with the new generation, young hands that are learning the tradition to preserve it and transfer it into the future. 


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