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“Ancoretta,” the new collection signed Castello

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“Ancoretta,” the new collection signed Castello

“Ancoretta”, the new collection signed Castello, produced in 2023 in a limited edition of 120 pieces.

A new Christmas edition dedicated to deep-sea fishermen determined to face challenges on the open sea.

In a historical context traversed by uncertainties, fears and disappointments, “Ancoretta” wants to represent the ability to recover from difficulties, continuing to struggle despite adversity.

The experience accumulated over time and the knowledge of the sea that only an experienced fisherman possesses is represented in this pipe with distinctive lines. The handcrafted head is reminiscent of the shape of the flat-bellied winch of the deep-sea fishing rod. A new, inspiring, enveloping shape.

A shape that attracts and captures attention embellished by the finely crafted silver ferrule with an anchor, the hook that gives the new collection its name.

Even when the fishing is difficult, the fisherman continues to work hard, with great attention to change to achieve his goals despite the difficult challenges he faces.

The owner of an “Ancoretta” pipe will not be afraid to face danger and will be steadfast in pursuing his or her dreams.

Because this pipe is meant to inspire courage, strength, determination and a willingness to change for a better future.

Available in all of Castello’s classic finishes.