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One Castle for ten years

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One Castle for ten years

Una Castello per dieci anni

Today we present to you the “ONE CASTLE FOR TEN YEARS” Collection. Each year, starting in 1990, a different specimen was made until 1999.

It was 1990, approaching the end of the millennium and the beginning of the 2000s. This much-discussed and celebrated event could not go unnoticed in the Castello workshop, always alert and in line with the human affairs of the world.

The idea came from Franco Coppo who wanted to mark the years that were leading toward the year 2000. 235 examples of each pipe were made, in silver, while the collection of the 10 pipes with gold ferrules were never sold and are part of the Castello Private Collection.

True to the philosophy that represented this collection, the pieces remained unique and unrepeatable over time.

Time remains the only element that continuously travels from one century to the next. Forward to the future, backward to the rediscovery of the past, and above all, it moves with us through the present. A present full of satisfaction, dreams and hope.



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