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Wood Festival 2023

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Wood Festival 2023

Wood Festival 2023

From 10 to 19 November the Wood Festival 2023 returns with an eleventh edition with a renewed spirit. VISIONI 2023 is the unmissable opportunity to experience the birth of the Museo Diffuso Città di Cantù. A history that lives again, day after day, thanks to the local companies that open the doors of their workshops to visitors.

On the occasion of the Wood Festival, Pipa Castello opens the doors of its workshop. During the visit, it will be possible to admire six new examples of the Pipa Velata. This is a limited and revised series of the historic pipe presented in Naples on 22 May 2010. (See attached poster).

An exceptional example of a Pipa, created from a carefully selected tree heather sketch with over ten years of natural seasoning, of Ligurian origin. La Velata re-proposes the materialisation of that magical emotion, which the heart perceives through the eyes of the soul, at the sight of the splendid sculpture of the ‘Veiled Christ’.

The skilful hands of a goldsmith artist have succeeded in giving life to the noble material, so that the lightness of a sinuous and impalpable veil, creates a perfect and harmonious form, for a functional and pleasant smoking instrument.

The ‘Pipa Velata’ was presented in Naples, in the prestigious building of the ‘Nunziatella’ Military School, to a select group of expert admirers and is part of the ‘Bottega Castello’ private collection.