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“I NODI” Collection – Christmas 2017

Christmas is coming and we thought of a pipe linked to the concept of birth and life. This pipe belongs to Castello’s “I NODI” collection. Produced in only 100 copies, with silver ring with figured the “Savoy knot”. This knot is the symbol of the birth of children as it was used to detach the…
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The naturalness of the tree trunk

Upon returning from the Las Vegas and Dusseldorf fairs where we brought the fantasy of our pipes, we immediately got to work and imagined a pipe with not quite rounded shapes. A sort of square maze to be observed at 360 degrees. This new model, with an agile handle, is three-dimensional to the touch. Its…
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Castello opens his workshop

Like every year, the traditional Wood Festival in Cantù CO is renewed, and our shop opens its doors to anyone interested in knowing the craftsmanship of our Pipes.On October 5, like every year, throughout the day, the shop is open to all until the final aperitif which allows us to greet you all and thank…
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Las Vegas 2017

Pipa Castello takes part in the annual IPCPR (International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association) fair, a major event dedicated to smoking tools on stage from Monday 10 to Thursday 13 July in Las Vegas. Now for Castello it is a consolidated appointment that meets the satisfaction of the many people who participate. Brand lovers…
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70esimo Pipa Castello

Way back in 1947, a wise and ingenious craftsman took it into his head to create an extraordinary pipe with his own hands. To do this he needed a comfortable and creative place and there could be no better environment than his shop. Exactly shop … not factory. We are talking about Carlo Scotti, Founder…
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“LE DUNE” of Castello

Why did Castello want to create a pipe that would recall the desert dunes? What do pipes and dunes have in common, and why the desert? Well, the answer is in the peace, tranquility and stillness that such a refined instrument seeks and requires. The possibility of recreating a natural oasis in which to take…
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Pipa Castello wishes you Happy Holidays

With the desire to share with you other new goals next year we wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Dog Dachshund – Limited Edition Christmas 2016

Are you wondering why Castello wanted to dedicate a pipe to the dachshund? This nice dog breed has humble origins and was used for hunting badgers, especially in Germany. Thanks to its elongated shape, longer than high, it was ideal for untangling in the bush through the thick branches that formed walls that were difficult…
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Pipa Castello in China: travel, get to know, evolve respecting tradition

The year 2016 is coming to an end and for Pipa Castello it is time to take stock. We are returning from a trip to China where we have visited with great pleasure Customers who have been following us for more than ten years and who have great satisfaction for our handmade product. The Rising…
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The “Sette” Magazine Celebrates and tells the story of Castello

The weekly magazine “Sette” of Corriere della Sera dedicated a special to Pipa Castello telling and celebrating this precious smoking tool and the history of the brand. Find out more: