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The new generations

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The new generations

Keep the secret of our tradition and pass it on to the new generations

On the occasion of the VI Edition of the Wood Festival, Pipa Castello, like every year, opens the doors of its shop to explore a place of reflection but at the same time of liveliness of the craftsmanship, of familiarity and warmth.

But what is the creation of a pipe really about? Drilling, roughing, polishing are just a few main processes but in reality it takes 120 operations to perform a real creation.

And how do you draw a pipe? How do you design a model? Eyes, heart and hands. These are the tools to invent a new model, design a shape, share an emotion.

After all, pipes are considered man’s jewel, a refined product, made with patience, dedication, experience, creativity and passion.

All this encompasses the tradition of Pipa Castello that the owner Franco Coppo wishes to share with enthusiasts, experts, the curious but above all with students and young people. these new pearls that will be able to preserve a real art and continue to pass it on over time.

Because it is precisely the craftsmanship that will guide the young hearts of Italians and specifically of our young people from Cantù towards a new world that continues to remember the great secrets that come from the past.
The future is craftsman, it is important to never forget it.

Thursday 11 October from 10.00 to 18.30 and Friday 12 October from 10.00 to 13.00 in via Fossano 44, Cantù, go to discover the “magic” of wood and its traditions through the experience of a world brand that has marked the history of our city of Cantù.

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