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China Pipe 2018

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China Pipe 2018

Like every year we fly to China to promote our brand and like every year we have produced a pipe for this specific market. Only 60 specimens for this pipe with small dimensions but with an attractive appearance.

A particularity is represented by the silver insert that bears the Castello brand. One more reason to make room for this pipe in your collection. China has always shown a great affection for Pipa Castello and every year they look forward to trying new products.

This pipe is very functional and can be smoked by both the expert and the novice. It was intended to embrace a greater number of people and allow them to taste the typical aroma released by our pipes.

We recently celebrated 70 years of our history but we are never happy. Our small laboratory continues to produce made in Italy instruments that represent the best of the artisan quality that we have been defending and promoting for years.

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