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The “Sette” Magazine Celebrates and tells the story of Castello

The weekly magazine “Sette” of Corriere della Sera dedicated a special to Pipa Castello telling and celebrating this precious smoking tool and the history of the brand. Find out more:

6-7 October 2016: Castello opens its workshop to the public

Carlo Scotti, an industrious tobacconist in the Canton of Ticino, in the early 1900s discovered and cultivated with dedication a great passion for tobacco and smoking tools. After making his small tobacconist famous, he decided to approach the world of pipes, fascinated by the elegance expressed by this object which, in addition to its class,…
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The pipe of the month – Special edition

On the occasion of the Wood Festival, Castello presents its latest creation.A pipe characterized by a particular processing of briar, which enhances its shapes and shine. This carving, completely handmade, is yet another demonstration of what the local craftsmanship that has made so much talk about itself in the world knows and can do. A…
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The CASTELLO at Iintertabac 2016

From 16 to 18 September 2016, the Castello brand will participate in InterTabac, the reference fair for the smoking tools and tobacco sector in Dortmund.