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70esimo Pipa Castello

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70esimo Pipa Castello

Way back in 1947, a wise and ingenious craftsman took it into his head to create an extraordinary pipe with his own hands. To do this he needed a comfortable and creative place and there could be no better environment than his shop. Exactly shop … not factory. We are talking about Carlo Scotti, Founder of Pipa Castello, today one of the most loved brands in the world by fans of pipes and smoking tools. Castello has always imposed its philosophy on the market: to run a shop, not a factory, as its founder always wanted to say. Today as yesterday that experience continues with the same passion, in the hands of his successor Franco Coppo who continues to bring this remarkable craft tool into the world.

The 70th pipe could only celebrate the love, naturalness and spontaneity with which these tools are worked. To be born to amaze and to fascinate, one would say. As the good old art Made in Italy teaches. And in fact the owners of Pipa Castello are real lovers. It doesn’t matter if you own a pipe or a whole collection.

The warm shapes make this pipe very handy and sensitive to touch. An important milestone echoes on the bezel: 70! Wrapped in the laurel, as a sign of victory, to celebrate a triumph of originality and know-how! Once and for all we can say: Castello has made the history of smoking tools in the world. A well-known and frequented workshop, an artisan workshop that has remained intact over the years. Years that have seen many well-known faces go by who stopped with pleasure to savor a Castle together with those who first thought and then built it.

Finally, a warm thank you to those who with passion have given all their know-how to these pipes: our craftsmen. Staying bent all day on a piece of briar is not easy but the smell of live wood already helps! The rest is done by passion and the desire to do! And in Cantù we know these words well.

What to say! An infinite thanks to the many supporters who all over the world enhance and support our brand, making us proud of our work, every day … for seventy years now! All together for one big goal: to keep the name Castello high in the world.

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