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Las Vegas 2017

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Las Vegas 2017

Pipa Castello takes part in the annual IPCPR (International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association) fair, a major event dedicated to smoking tools on stage from Monday 10 to Thursday 13 July in Las Vegas. Now for Castello it is a consolidated appointment that meets the satisfaction of the many people who participate. Brand lovers who can’t wait to savor the news.

Speaking of news, we bring a very special pipe to Las Vegas. The result of a complex and meticulous workmanship that recalls a pipe already made by Castello in the 70s.

The most interesting and new details are the mouthpiece with copper flock and the 7 and a half cm vase. Then the shape, so elongated as to make it a true artisan masterpiece. Here, this pipe is a real work of art. A local art that flies to Las Vegas in just 20 copies to be appreciated and enjoyed by visitors.

Once again, in the 70th year, Franco Coppo wanted to amaze us by showing all the potential of his shop. We greet you by giving you a video pill extracted from the big party held for the occasion: watch now!

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