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“LE DUNE” of Castello

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“LE DUNE” of Castello

Why did Castello want to create a pipe that would recall the desert dunes? What do pipes and dunes have in common, and why the desert? Well, the answer is in the peace, tranquility and stillness that such a refined instrument seeks and requires. The possibility of recreating a natural oasis in which to take refuge, away from daily routine. With this pipe we can create a symbiosis between the desert and our soul.

This is the brand new Pipa Castello, the fruit of a long iron work. A return to wild and uncontaminated nature as only the desert can be, with those sinuous and hypnotic curves that make us want solitude and inner reflection. A return to that healthy habit of being alone to fully enjoy the flavor of good tobacco.

Castello pays tribute to the true nature of smoking: a tool for reflection, a silent moment to search in each of us for the true nature of things, a healthy habit to carve out moments of freedom knowing that we have a fascinating tradition in our hands that should be handed down generation to generation.

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