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Dog Dachshund – Limited Edition Christmas 2016

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Dog Dachshund – Limited Edition Christmas 2016

Are you wondering why Castello wanted to dedicate a pipe to the dachshund?

This nice dog breed has humble origins and was used for hunting badgers, especially in Germany. Thanks to its elongated shape, longer than high, it was ideal for untangling in the bush through the thick branches that formed walls that were difficult to overcome.

Maybe his nice gait and his stocky body inspired Castello in the creation of a pipe with a contained and robust shape? We do not know why the craftsman creates but only to enjoy the imagination he manages to unleash with his products.

This pipe was produced in December 2016 in a limited edition of 75 copies. Like the dachshund dog, miniature lion, with his boundless affection, he is able to change you an entire day with the strength of a glance, so this unusual pipe, enriched by a splendid silver ring with melted the figure of a dachshund, he wants to magically give his owner the faithful and certain feeling of an extraordinary funata over time.

The attention that the masters of the Castello pay for detail is all in this small but ambitious pipe that will not fail to amaze even beyond the borders of our Cantù, a small town that exports artisan quality to the world. Today we do it with the dachshund, a nice, cheerful and jovial travel companion.

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