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“Castello Flame” returns

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“Castello Flame” returns

Thanks to the power of creativity, the “Castello Flame” returns

An inspiring image, an enveloping, warm and deep design.

Franco Coppo, thanks to the collaboration of an artisan artist and wood sculptor, reinterprets a model that was developed more than twenty years ago and identified with the “Castello Flame” marking.

A real creative jewel, a unique pipe, hand-carved. A meticulous work, entirely handcrafted, which recounts all the value of the Castello brand.

“Flame” is the name of this model, taken up and reinterpreted for all passionate collectors who are looking for precious, unique and exclusively handmade objects.

A flame carved in the wood envelops the whole shape of the pipe, from the head to the torch, giving a truly particular effect, a real work of art.

Castello has decided to make a first limited series that is just waiting to be admired in all its uniqueness and beauty.

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