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In 2003 Castello attended the RTDA exhibition and for this occasion it has been created a new pipe: the Bamboo one. Available in just 14 numbered pieces with a very long bamboo rod. It is renowned as one of the Castello historical pieces.

The first ones were produced in the 50s by the expert hands of Carlo Scotti, who decided to re-use Philippines’s small bamboo rods, which were employed to make handcrafted furniture. At that time, the reed and the bamboo were two raw materials very used for the furniture and the furniture components manufacturing.

The Bamboo pipes were produced always in limited edition until the bamboo went out of fashion in the furniture industry and became impossible to find it.

The 1987 was the year where arose the opportunity to realize again bamboo pipes.

In the cane thicket of the Castello family centuries-old residence in Morazzone (VA), Franco Coppo was able to recover personally some material. He pull out many bamboo canes, washing them, leaving them to dry and straightening them. This subterranean part is very porous and acts in an optimal way as a filter for a very fresh smoke.

Then, in that year it was produced a limited series of pipes with very long rods, characterized by the presence of numerous nodes.

Later, a new limited series was made in 1994; the few pieces derived by the inspiration of our craftsmen had bamboo canes much smaller than its predecessor.

Today, to celebrate the RTDA event, they have been produced 14 pieces, numbered and accompanied by its own box, characterized by the longest bamboo canes ever produced before. The shapes of the vessels are varied and different, from classic to imaginative, in all the different finishings.