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Look to the future

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Look to the future

: in October 2020 in the Pipa Castello workshop we return to being together

Today it is difficult to think about the future. It is difficult to imagine ourselves all together again in a place that tells us a long history of tradition and passion.

However, we want to look ahead and we are already planning an event in our shop dedicated to our past history, our future and new ideas that can never be missing.

Tradition has taught us to project ourselves towards new visions, while preserving secrets and teachings from our past.

Never as today is it important not to give up and we are determined not to. We are convinced that beauty will never fade and that our craftsmanship will live on forever.

This is why we are working hard to organize an important event dedicated to our brand and our tradition with great surprises that we are preparing for all those who will have the desire to share their passion and their culture, linked to the wonderful world of pipes.

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