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Even Pipa Castello suspends its activity and protects its treasure

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Even Pipa Castello suspends its activity and protects its treasure

In a moment of danger for world health, even the historic Canturina workshop that makes handmade pipes is forced to suspend its business to protect the great treasure that has always characterized it in the world: its craftsmen.

The owner, Franco Coppo, is deeply sorry for what is happening in our country and in the rest of the world and is close to all the people who, like him, have had to stop everything to protect themselves from this invisible evil.

An evil that we all hope will soon be defeated to return to live, to hold loved ones, to dream and to produce masterpieces that will make us forget this so black period.

Franco Coppo confirms that Pipa Castello will soon return to producing ever more beautiful pipes, increasingly linked to nature and craftsmanship.

On the occasion of this event so dramatic for everyone, the company has decided to create a limited series of pipes that remember this so dramatic period: a particular object that represents our humanity, the union and the great effort that each of us is putting to get out of this prison to return, even stronger, in our everyday life.

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