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“Wood Fest”

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“Wood Fest”

Castello’s provocation during the seventh edition of the “Wood Fest”

The theme of this seventh edition of the Wood Fest is Provocation. Many creative ideas were born from the hands of our craftsmen but, in the Castello workshop, Provocation inspired not only the art of knowing how to do but also the art of passing on.

Various works by the young wood sculptor Emanuele Prina have been mixed with the wonderful briar logs that extend into the Pipa Castello workshop. Works that stimulated the Provocation and aroused mixed emotions in the people who took part in the events of Castello during the “open shops”.

But Castello’s Provocation does not stop there: the owner Franco Coppo wants to launch a real Provocation to young people, to the new levers who will form humanity for the next millennium.

Listening, concentration, creativity, interest, dexterity, passion, courage, determination. They are all adjectives that a craftsman who wants to learn the art of conceiving and creating a pipe must have.

This craft is a treasure, a real loot to be treasured and handed down. This is why the leader of the Castello workshop wants to provoke and at the same time inspire new young people to learn about this profession, explore it, love it and learn it.

Because the art of know-how, manual skills and craftsmanship are the expression of our genius, they are the representation of Brianza in the world.

“Dedicating yourself to manual work does not only consist in knowing and mastering a job, but in loving, sharing and preserving our tradition, our culture and our talent. – underlines Franco Coppo – everything can be built, invented and reinvented, giving space to imagination, experimentation and creativity “.

Every day in the Castello artisan workshop, real works of art are born, unique objects, collections highly sought after all over the world by enthusiasts and collectors: “I invite everyone to visit our workshop, get to know this art, deepen an ancient tradition . – recommends Franco Coppo – Our workshop is always open to those who want to explore this world both with the eyes of the consumer and with those of the artisan artist. Our goal is to bring all people closer to handmade work to share and excite even the new generations. The rediscovery of the past and tradition allows us to think about what we mean today with the term creativity and opportunities for personal and business growth. Art and crafts represent a large part of Made in Italy and it is important to always remember and underline it, in order not to see all our best brains fly away, in search of a position in the world when there would be a great need for innovation in their country. in the tradition “.


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