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Pipes my daughters. Autobiography of Franco Coppo

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Pipes my daughters. Autobiography of Franco Coppo

An autobiography of Franco Coppo that tells the love and passion for Castello pipes.

After 73 years, this elegant book written by Irene Riva is born, through the stories of the current director of this artisan workshop in Cantù, known throughout the world.

An intimate and sincere story of Chino, the nickname that Carlo Scotti used to call Franco Coppo, who wanted to tell the story of Castello, a creature that he now loves and from which he can no longer separate himself.

In these pages we discover a world made of technique, competence and above all experience. A real treasure handed down by the zealous worker from Canton Ticino who, in the early years of the 20th century, nurtured a great passion for smoking instruments. And it was Carlo Scotti himself, an aesthete and lover of high quality, who built the first foundations of this brand of excellence with great dedication.

Quality that we can still find today in every Castello pipe, thanks to his successor Franco Coppo who has been able to cultivate this passion over the years, dedicating his life to his daughters, the pipes.

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